Dining Afloat

Breakfast (as substantial as you choose it to be!)

Juices, milk, tea, Turkish & European filter coffees
Yogurt and a selection of aged & fresh local cheeses
Butter, olive oil, Turkish fruit preserves, & honey
Eggs cooked to order with pastirma *, salami, or sausage
Seasonal fruits, tomatoes, cucumbers, assorted olives


Seasonal salads or meze **
A pasta dish or pilav of rice or bulgur
Hot main dishes, such as baked eggplant
stuffed with ground meat, tomatoes & onion
Fresh fruit.

turkish tea Dining Afloat
Photograph courtesy Nilgun Erzik


Tea, tisanes, coffee
Freshly baked pastries


Two or three different meze
Fried calamare, octopus salad
A main course such as grilled fish, seafood stew,
lamb kebabs or chicken
Mixed green salad
Freshly made dessert and fruit

* Turkish Pastirma is cured beef tenderloin

** Meze are Turkish appetizers, most often cooked vegetables dressed with yogurt or oil & lemon juice

Turkish breads are always on hand.
Bottled water, soft drinks, and Turkish beer are also included within the food budget.

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