Portrait of Holly

On tours and through her writing, lecturing, and cooking, Holly has introduced thousands of people to the delights of Turkey. Although she has focused on the arts and cuisines of the Muslim world, she has lived and worked in South Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe as well as in the Middle East. She firmly believes that sharing food and music transcends politics to facilitate cross-cultural understanding and respect.

Holly’s CV

Need an ghostwriter, editor, proofreader, or general scribe?

Do you lack the words to declare ever-lasting love? Perhaps you need to string together the right words for a best-man’s toast, boy-scout pledge, dedication, product launch, marketing copy, eulogy, or obituary?

Do you feel shy or tongue-tied, afraid you might not choose the right phrase? Wish you had the knack to craft that simple line for a blank card, a little rhyme, an arresting haiku? Are you recording memories through family recipes, stumbling with that memorial tribute to your late, great uncle?

Have you or someone you love has already written something that just wants some gentle editorial oversight, proofreading, or the sharp pen of a grammar geek?

Maybe you need a nimble wordsmith to come up with a name for your new company, sailboat, summer home, polo pony, pet gecko, or nail polish color? If you appreciate words, I’m here to add the shine that yours deserve.

I can edit your own work or start from scratch to write the words that appropriately express your sentiments.

A seasoned, published writer (hard-wired for excellent English grammar), I deliver clear expository text and know how to meet deadlines. You’ll find writing samples ranging from botanical and culinary topics to humor and social commentary on this website and on our other blogs: Sarasota Soundings and AlmostItalian.com You may already know our magnum opus, the Amazon ebook, Almost Italian: A Cookbook & History of Italian Food in America

In this age of so much social media “noise,” I believe that all our words must be carefully selected because they DO matter.

We can begin by phone or in person. To quote the late Joan Rivers— “Can we talk?”

Email holly@HollyChase.com or leave a voice message on 941-312-7579. I look forward to working with you!